Cool Best Advertising, images


A few nice Best Advertising, images I found:

Armour Canned Meat Ad, 1953
Best Advertising,
Image by alsis35 (now at ipernity)
"For a hot supper cut a loaf of Treet into 8 slices and fry in a little Cloverbloom Butter. Serve with your favorite hot potato salad. If you’re going to have a cold supper, be sure both the Treet and the salad are well chilled before serving!"

Apparently it was 1950s law that your whole meal was confined to a single platter, which could only maintain one temperature. (Or the universe would explode or something.) So… you’d either be eating warm potato salad or cold mystery meat. This has got to be why fast food took off in such a big way during the decade.

From the May issue of Better Living magazine.