How to Advertise Your Small Business


1. Promotional items – Free giveaways such as pens, calculators, t-shirts, etc. are yet another way to gain exposure. Similar to the cross promotion idea, you can ask to put your promotional items in another company’s place of business and offer the same courtesy to them.

2. Newsletters – You can write regular newsletters and email or mail them to current customers. Provide free information to customers that they can use and they will likely keep coming back. Even better, they’ll tell others or forward your email newsletter to others! You can also offer articles for others’ newsletters. It gives them a break from writing another article and also gives you exposure to a whole new list of clients.

3. Cross promotion – Think about your customers, and the kinds of products/services they are likely to use. Then approach these other businesses and ask them about cross promotion opportunities. You can reach more potential customers who might not otherwise be exposed to your business, and you offer the same to the other business.

4. Marketing and learning how to advertise your small business is easier than ever. What used to cost a fortune running TV, radio, traditional, and direct mail campaigns, you can now have for a fraction of that cost with local online ads. A local online advertising campaign can not only reduce your advertising budget by up to 80-90%, but it’s an easy set up process that takes about 5 minutes to implement.

Imagine, being able to target local customers that are searching specifically for your product or service, in real time! Forget traditional media and costs involved. Now, you can customize a local internet advertising campaign for as little as $ 70.

It’s only a matter of time before local internet advertising will be a sign of professionalism. Stay ahead of your competition and incorporate a local marketing strategy and begin bringing mind-blowing profits to your small business

Jason Cole helps connect local businesses with local consumers. Having helped thousands of small businesses with their marketing since 2002, it is now easier than ever to market your business down the zip code in your local town or city. We can also help with Website Development, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Link Building, etc. Check it out now

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