The Best Place to Advertise Right Now


The Best Place to Advertise Right Now

I want to let you in on a secret…in this video, find out the BEST place to advertise online right now.

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  1. 4:10
    I searched the best ways to get advertisement
    two other videos were in front of yours. At the top. Yours had a face the other ones had a slideshow. I clicked on yours. That's proof in itself.

  2. I am a new business owner and i just got through my first year. Its not easy running a store, gets discouraging at times. I just wanted to say i really enjoy your videos and very inspiring .. thankyou Marnie 🙂

  3. Hi Matt:
    You metioned you would list other networks to advertise, but I don't see any can you send the list or show me where it is?

  4. Hi Matt, ASM 4 member here. I have just described to your channel on YouTube. Congratulations on your success. Consider me your student. I'll be watching your new ones every Wednesday. And taking your advice. ASM rocks!

  5. Converting traffic into buyers is the hardest part about internet advertising in my opinion. I've gotten sales online through Facebook but haven't fully understood how to use this service to it's potential.

  6. I have been posting ads on Facebook since last week for my ASM product and I get a bunch of clicks and absolutely no buyers. What am I doing wrong and how can I find out which audience I should be targeting?

  7. Thanks Matt I'm ASM 4 and just got my promo program up and running. I'm realizing that soon my product will be live and it will be time to head into the world of all the add opportunities!