How to Make Money Online Posting Ads for Companies


How to Make Money Online Posting Ads for Companies

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How to Sell Advertising Space - How to sell radio and magazine ads – SUPPORT ME 🙂

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Micheline Evans:
“I Evan my name is Micheline Evans I really appreciate what you are doing and saying u have really encouraged me to step out in my business. Thank u so much for insight and wisdom.
Question: I am starting a Advertisement business for small business owners want to help them go to another level of people knowing what product or service they render. Now I started off on radio and magazines. I am not getting alot of customers to understand that I can help them I am not charging alot of money fot radio Advertisement I don’t know what I am doing wrong . Could you please give me some tips or ideas of what to say or do I would appreciate. thank u so much can’t wait to hear from you. ”
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  1. entrepreneurs aren't tight with their money. they're broke dreamers spending time on reddit acting like experts when they haven't actually done anything

  2. Ive been selling mag ads for the last 7 years, none of what he is saying has anything to do with our industry. Magazine ads have to be paid upfront. If you give a free ad they never repeat, thats not the time of customer you are looking for.
    To make this work do cold calling before you go and meet with a businnes owner.
    Call, ask for the owner, if its not the owner and they wont transfer you dont give any info to the secratary, only speak to the owner . Once you have the owner on the phone, explain youe distribution,
    How many copies
    Direct mailed
    Min income of reciever
    House value.

    Explain quality of the mag
    Give example pf there competitor that are on the mag (abc company, has been with us fpr x year)

    Explain money values
    Lets say a quater page cost 300 and you ar speaking with a painter and they usualy charge 1800 to paint a house, with only 1 cliente they recieve the ad is already making profits for theyre company.
    Set the appt for the same day.
    If youve gotten to this point the next steps are very important
    What time can i see you today (yes today becuase an inprove meeting is a hot meeting giving 98% chances of closing)
    Confirming the appt
    This is very very very important to do. Always call your appts 1 hour beforw meeting:
    1- they are businnes owners they could have had to go to a job site, or would like to meet at lunch etc
    2- confirm the money, a frase as " keep an open mind remeber the prices start a 300 a month for a quarter page, everything else is negotiable"
    3- confirm readiness, a frase as "im on my way, we have a few spaces left becuase i f deadline, im going to save you the space, lets say you like the magazine can you make the decision with me in the meeting?
    After this point you have 99% of closing

    All of the above can be used in the meeting also against objections

    -Oh i dont have any money;
    It 300 for a quater page, u told me over the phone 300 wasnt an issue, why dont we split the payments lets do 150 today and 150 once we have created your ad and youve aproved it.

    -oh i need to speak to my partner;
    You told me you can make a decision with me in the meeting, i only have "3" spaces left in the magazine, lest try to call him/her i can explain to her over the phone, this price is becuase we need to send the mag to print and we have to fill out the space, once we fill it out the pruces go back to normal, i can make you a yearly contract with the discounted price this way you can be sure that you have the best deal
    -i dont want a yearly contract;
    Thats ok, you dont have to sign a yearly contract you can try out for 2 editions to see how it goes but after the to months i dont know what the pricing would be, so lets do this ill mane you a yearly contract with option to cancel after 2 editions this way if you dont like the mag you can always cancel be email or fax before x date, and if you love it and i know you will you going to love the results you can leep the same price for the year, and im gping to through in a free call cab number so ypu can track and record every call that you get

    While your speaking with them start filling out the contract, once you get to the credit card part ask them directly in a firm voice (do not show any sign of insecurity) visa or master card , this way they just tale it out directly fill it out have them sign
    And hey you got a sale!
    Ill prob make a video on this cause this guy is taking only suposition he has never sold print ads and on the way of speaking never will
    Good luck to all the print ad sales reps sell this way and you will never go down from 6k a month

  3. For our magazine we work with all budgets and payment plans. Small business appreciate the support and willingness to work with them. We find ways to upgrade them from time to time. I ask them how much would it cost to print x amount of flyers and distribute them around the city. The cost and energy don't compare to even our full page ads. I also guarantee distribution which we 100% do. Every magazine its 100% distributed even door to door if needed.

  4. what are the latest and influence advertising ways to reach the people except for example Radio magazine billboard what is the newest and effective way ?

  5. I've been working for a radio station for a couple months now. This video has been very helpful. I'm not new to marketing or promotion but this is my first gig selling as space. My main concern was of we would be able to send boost the customer flow of the businesses we have deals with. now that our name is getting out there a bit more I feel as though our clientele is going to pick up. These tips & pointers were much needed. especially the part about working with & sharing resources.

  6. You are missing the point. In magazine/radio sales three types exist. The big companies they use ad agencies, small companies that been their for years they want branding they already have sales rep they trust, then the virgin first time get his feet wet business. You are talking about last ones. They represent only 5% to 7% of magazine revenue. Selling to them your magazine will go out of business.

  7. I see what you're saying about the second point here. Risk reversal is huge in sales. However, results will not happen overnight with a magazine ad. First, it would be very hard for any results to happen. Second, magazine ads are barely measurable as far as results go, unless the business owner will ask every customer how they found them. The point of a magazine ad is a long term branding strategy that increases TOMA or "Top Of The Mind Awareness" for the brand. That way, when the customer does need to purchase, they remember a certain brand because they feel good from the value added (hopefully) magazine and the ad that they saw in it. The customer may not even remember where they knew the name from! I love the idea of risk reversal for the business owner, a magazine publisher is a business owner themselves and understand risks greatly. Do you have any ideas for how else one could use risk reversal in a magazine or radio ad sale? The free ad just isn't really an option for many reasons.

  8. This guy is engaging and somewhat helpful. BUT – He clearly doesn't understand radio. You don't sell to a RADIO prospect by suggesting that IT will work right away. The whole point is that success happens with repetition over time with a great ad that changes slightly over time.

  9. Thank you Evan. This was really helpful, since I've just released my online magazine Authenticity & Business, targeting ambitious women who want to start their own business, who need some support and empowerment to stand up and own it: Seeing your youtube video I realize I have to be even more specific on my target market. I have about 250 through a youtube campaign and I am looking to find a women empowerment organization or ezine for empowering women.

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  11. am v keen to start a magazine , and want to launch it v soon in market. i have plans and tips also. but still i couldnt find a first step, what to do in initial stage. suggest me and suppory me.