Classified | All My Life


Classified | All My Life

Classified debuts the song All My Life from his new album Greatful in a CBC Music First Play Live Session.
Explicit lyrics.
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CBC Music hosted an East Coast party last Sunday night. Halifax rapper Classified debuted his new album, Greatful, for a studio full of enthusiastic, dancing fans. A First Play Live session is always a great experience, but the energy was amped up to 11 when Classified hit the mic and started the celebration.

With a green room full of special guests, it certainly was a party, as five of the new songs featured collaborations with other talented songwriters. Canadian rap legend Saukrates rolled into the studio 10 minutes before he was needed onstage. Ria Mae, whose upcoming album is produced by Classified, added sentimental vocals on a couple tracks. Elijah Wohlmuth brought some R&B vibes on “Beautiful Escape,” and the two catchiest singles on the disc were complimented by the vocals of Brett Emmons from the Glorious Sons (on “Heavy Head”) and Dave Sampson (on “No Pressure”).

Classified’s six-piece band consists of various brothers and relations, further enhancing the party vibe. You can tell the bandmates are intimately familiar with each other and love to have a good time making music. The new album is filled with infectious hooks and killer beats.
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  1. Ria Mae is unbelievable when not in the booth. The rawness of her vocals live make this version better than the album version. Truly amazing.

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