How to make Facebook Multi-Product Ads [Tutorial]


How to make Facebook Multi-Product Ads [Tutorial]

Update: You can now make these ads from within Facebook Ads Manager through similar steps to a normal ad. Create it here at

This is a guide on how to make Facebook Multi Product Ads.

Facebook has recently released multi-product ads as part of its new advertisement offering. However these advertisements are only available in the Power editor, but don’t fret, we’ll show you how to simply and easily use the power editor and get the new Multiple Product Advertisements in Facebook.

In this guide we will show you how to quickly and easily setup Multi-Product ads.

We will also cover:
– Scheduling your Multiple Item Ads across the day.
– Adding your 3 products.
– Changing your see more link.

Something to note is that Facebook will determine the ordering of your products in the Multi-Product Ad, if you want to do this yourself, just uncheck the “Automatically Order and Select Links” Checkbox.

To open the power editor, as shown in the video, go to

This Facebook Ads Tutorial about Multi-Product Ads & Multiple Item Advertising was prepared by the team at Your Business Digital absolutely free.


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