Virtual Tourist Information – Using Digital Advertising Technology


A Touch Screen Digital Screen is a very useful tool in the leisure industry specifically for Tourist Information. Not only does it give the fundamental points of interest for holiday-makers, but it is engaging and can locate and highlight exact areas of interest and significance. This has advanced a long way since the days of a printed map.

These TVs can be found integrated inside the windows of the neighborhood Tourist Information office juxtaposition of the city, where people can find their own way around by just touching the screen or special film using their finger or a stylus provided. The benefit of this can be to collect more information than by asking the operatives. It is also likely to have the specific data transmitted directly to a cell phone device, to enable the tourist to enjoy the sightseeing tour with access to other points of interest along the route.

Marketing companies have also considered this policy for publicity, for instance, a restaurant offering a discount during the lunch time service transmits out an email or message via blue tooth, tempting the passing patron to visit their establishment.

The digital screens themselves can provide supplementary sales revenue by hosting a number of ads in conjunction with the Tourist Information, like hotel accommodation, shopping offers and additional tours (like river punting or a ghost tour).

This variety of communication for the city visitor is as thrilling as it is practical, technology knows no bounds and is certainly a huge leap forward, and the only challenge is keeping up with the evolving technology!

Now on to steak house LCD advertising displays

Feel like a big juicy steak this evening? Head out to a Steak House in town and there could be a new, state of the art, LCD advertising display for you to peruse your choice of meal.

The touch screen board is both colorful and practical as it entices the taste buds with delectable animated images of plates full of delicious foods. You can put together your own choice of courses, including that extravagant desert, which you know youll in no way have room for!

A digital table is set before you, on the display and you can touch the categories to add or swap meals to create the ultimate dinner. Interacting with the display is done by using your finger or a stylus provided and is set out in a user friendly way.

Maybe not all cafs will have such innovative hardware, but those moving with the times will have a simpler form of a digital menu board. This may be positioned outdoor the caf in a protective cabinet, where digital pictures dance across the display, tantalizing the taste buds.

Special offers and mark downs can also be promoted and displayed for the customer to use at the establishment. It is also possible to have the offer directed at the passing customer via blue tooth to a mobile phone device, where the client can hand over the e coupon.

Marketing companies have exploited this form of digital menu by mixing the content with commercials and products, for example soft drinks suppliers and other brands who supply the outlet.

So, next time you feel like a luscious, medium rare steak – call by a caf showing you an animated digital poster!

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