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Many businesses, particularly a new business, elect to use some form of marketing to advertise the business. Although, there are some forms of marketing that are large scale like advertising in print, and television, these can be rather expensive. However, there are numerous types of free advertising methods. Some of these methods are done offline but many use the Internet.

There are informational packages and electronic newsletters that businesses send to potential customers or media outlets. The packages have lists or articles that tell potential customers about their promotions, services, and new products. These packages are free and all they only require is access to the Internet and an email account.

Another way to advertise for free is by message boards on the Internet that are public. Although, there are some message boards they prohibit advertising and they are moderated, there are some that permit business promotions.

There are many business that use blogs to advertise for free. A blog can be used to provide information associated with promotions or sales, a target demographic or a certain industry, or changes to the business. There are numerous blogging accounts that are available for free.

Social networking websites are another way to advertise for free. They can be used to for personal relationships with current customers by creating profiles on the Internet and to reach potential customers. Also a business can use a social networking website to learn about their customers that might be useful in the development of future services and products.

Word of mouth can be used to advertise for free. This can be used in numerous ways including letters, phone texting, email, and verbal conversations. This type of advertising works especially well for businesses who want to cultivate elite or exclusive customers where it might be counterproductive to advertise publicly.

Using the media is another form of free advertising that is free. A appearance by a business leader on a radio show or on TV can give a business access to a new market. This type of advertising makes for an interesting story

Guerrilla advertising is the last form of free advertising. This form of advertising is a rather unconventional method. Graffiti is one of the most popular kinds of guerrilla advertising. Using this method a graphic or a message that related to a business is marked or painted on a public structure. The cost of this method is only that of a can of spray paint or a pen. However, graffiti can be illegal, therefore you should check your local ordinances to determine on which structures graffiti is illegal.

Alex Wu operates a free advertising website that lets people advertise, build groups, and connect. He hopes to create an active environment for businesses to place their employment.

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