Increase Web Traffic With Banner Advertising


Some people might look at that sentence and say to themselves, Banner Advertising, isn’t that dead? The answer is defiantly NO! Banner advertising is an immense strategy for driving traffic to websites and one that I would rank in my top 5 traffic generation strategies.

The key with banner advertising is to buy the placements on high traffic sites and to do this you will most likely have to have a lot of money and deal with an ad network (There is a cheaper and easier way around this I will talk about in a moment). There are so many of these companies, the likes of Double Click, Azoogle etc that work brilliantly, but you do need a bit of cash to get started in them.

So, what can you do to start banner advertising without big pockets?

The best thing for you to do is:

You should start by looking for a site within your niche and not actually competing with you. (You would be surprised how little you can get these banners for).

Website owners sometimes don’t realize the value of their traffic in certain niches. They don’t realize that they’ve got 20,000 businesses a month coming to their site. Often, you can get the banner placed on these websites home page for very little indeed.

If you offered them a certain amount of money to put your banner on their site, sometimes they will come back and say no and sometimes they’ll come back and say we charge this amount and other times they will say yes.

Approaching the websites is a numbers game. If you’re approaching enough people, you will find that it is paying enough dividends. For example, having a banner on someone’s website for say $ 75 a month that you’re paying to them, you could get an awful lot for $ 75 if you used pay per Click, but you might get a lot more if you bought the banner placement.

Your banner’s got to be good and attractive and obviously you can’t have a plain banner. It has got to be designed well and made to look attractive wanting to give them a reason to click on your banner. I use a website called which makes all my banners for me and you can get them done in all shapes and sizes.

The banners that have the highest click through rates are as follows:


Remember this is only the small scale of banner advertising, and when it’s time to move to the bigger networks you will make a lot more money. But for the time being this will be a great way to get that targeted traffic that you need.

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