Combine Paid and Free Advertising Techniques for Better Profits


All website owners want to keep track of the number of visitors they receive on their site. Extending the number of web traffic is the main concern for which people work hard to achieve the target. Sites that receive continuous visitors’ traffic on daily basis work on a formulated plan of action for SEO purpose.  Specifically speaking sites that have regular flow of web traffic have a well-planned system to which they follow religiously. The techniques are generally mixture of free and paid advertising methods. Their combination is done in different proportions and percentage depending upon your business type and needs.

In paid advertising ‘pay per click’ works for almost all website types and businesses. Here Google Adwords is known to be the biggest pay per click search engine. That does not mean that purchases cannot be made on other smaller search engines. 7search, Yahoo marketing, bidvertiser, etc are some of the other well known pay per click search engines. Social networking is another method of paid advertising which is catching up the online marketing world. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are playing major role in helping people earn profit through it.

Buy online tools for setting up your business as soon as possible. One of the most widely used methods is by article submission in good article directories. Thus you can market your company through the articles which is a faster means. Several tools are available for business automation that can help to generate more traffic, email marketing using autoresponder and social bookmarking websites are some of the tools.

Now comes the turn to discuss methods of free advertising. Article marketing is one such way, where you have to write quality articles and submit them which require no money. It is a well proven method of motivating visitors’ traffic to a website, which works even in present times. Higher the number of articles you post into directories more would be the number of people coming to your website. Article writing requires skill, creativity and strong hold over the language. While writing articles include the targeted keywords into the content. Keep the length of the article as required. If you cannot write by yourself, consider hiring any content writer for the job.

Blogging is one of the widely used free advertising tools. Now-a-days every internet business who wants to excel online has their blog. Those who are into retail sales can earn profits through blog. Apart from getting more traffic they can also help the website rank higher in search engines. Fresh content is liked by the search engines, creating a blog gives access to it.

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