Reward Yourself with a Proper Pint from Greene King


Greene King wants to highlight the heroic jobs that men do and reward them for their efforts with a well-earned pint of Greene King IPA. On the back of the ‘proper pubs’ campaign Greene King want to emphasise that if you are in a proper pub then you should drink a ‘proper pint’ after a hard day’s work.

A hard day’s work for the modern man has changed somewhat, now Greene King believe that men should be rewarded for tasks that can sometimes be taken for granted. A popular activity is the capturing, disposal and sometimes execution of spiders in the household, despite the non-venomous nature of spiders in the United Kingdom this is a courageous act that should not be overlooked and a proper pint in a Greene King pub is the least you deserve.

Another activity that is never shirked that would warrant a proper pint is the manual dog ‘poop scoop’ with a plastic bag. Not many would be willing to risk life and limb in handling of this hazardous material and what better way to celebrate this then calming the nerves with a proper pint. Here is a list of other deeds that should be celebrated at a Greene King pub:

Successful construction of flat pack furniture
Replacing a burst tyre on a car
Putting a shelf up
Cutting the grass
Installation of a device without consulting the instructions

Greene King does not only offer the ultimate reward for domestic accomplishments but also offer the opportunity to reward your efforts in business. You can lease a pub from Greene King and run your own pub. You don’t have to have worked in a pub all your life to lease a pub, if you have business acumen or other managerial experience you could be the ideal person to lease a pub. The Greene King pub lease agreement provides a long term opportunity for those people truly committed to running and owning their own business.

So whether it’s rewarding yourself with a proper pint or rewarding your career by running a pub business, Greene King have both bases covered.

The writer is an official writer for Greene King who specialise in pubs to let and running pubs as a lease or tenancy in the UK. Lease a pub with Greene King. 

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