Tips To Carry Out A Successful Business Card Campaign


For many, modern marketing techniques are the best way to promote a business today. But youll be surprised to know that among the most effective and powerful marketing tools today are those that have been in used for a long time now. These are the traditional and time tested tools that promote businesses the old fashioned way. Among them are the business cards.

These days, despite the widespread use of digital technology and social networking sites, the business card still prove to be an indispensable marketing tool. Anyone seeking to gather new customers or generate repeat sales can turn to their cards to achieve this.

There are, however, some tips and tricks that you need to understand to effectively carry out a successful business card campaign. Here are some of them:

1)Pick the right communication channel. You dont actually have to stuff your card with too many numbers and address. Just pick the channel that you prefer your customers to contact you. For instance, simply put your phone number and e-mail address. No need to put your personal number.

There are some businesses that go for instant messaging these days. That could work if you can ensure your prospects that you would be accessible to them when they need to reach you. If you dont mind talking to people you barely know through that channel, then go for it. Put your instant messaging address or URL for your contacts to reach you.

Dont forget to put your web site as well in your business card templates. This is the digital age after all. People are more into computers and the Internet these days. But dont forget to include your mailing address in case someone wants to send you a letter or a hand written note.

Whatever you put in your card, its important that you consider the space. There simply is not enough room to place everything you want to include in your card. Just put those details that you think will be needed by your target customers and leave the other details in your other marketing materials such as your brochure or post card.
2)Double sided cards. Some people think that printing at the back side of the card will only increase the printing cost. Although it will do cost a bit, but there are options you can take advantage of to decrease the cost. As such, theres no reason for you not to use the back side of your card.

There are actually a lot of things you can at the back. You can use it to write notes before giving out your card. You can also use it as a reminder or follow up card to remind your customers when they are due to visit you.

But make sure that you dont just fill the space for the sake of filling it up. Use it to your advantage. Print only useful and valuable information at the back.
3)Allow your cards to be scanned. The traditional card is way too old to some businesses, so you despite sticking with old way, you can consider inserting modern touches to it by allowing it to be scanned. Ask your printer if they can provide you this option.

Once you have your card designed effectively, it can start building relationships with you. Keep in mind though that your goal is to let your prospects t remember you, not steer clear of you. So, be sure to create the best cards and use it to your advantage.

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