King of the British Open Putter: Odyssey


Black Series i: the true roll of perfection

Black Series i Putter follows the original structure of various materials of Black Series, and with a streamlined multi-layer insert that provides excellent feel and feedback on the perfect shot. After grinding the head covered with a layer of polished nickel-rich layer, and fastening with the weight matched with the specific shaft length, consistency and superior control. In addition, all models feature fine loft system, which can optimize the putter’s loft in conjunction with its center of gravity to form the perfect real rolling.


TaylorMade 09 Burner Driver , TaylorMade Burner SuperLaunch irons , TaylorMade R7 425 Driver



1. A variety of materials structure
With 1025 carbon steel shaft and tungsten weight, thick crust, you can lower center of gravity, increased depth of focus to improve the real rolling. New 2Ball type putter with a tungsten weight plug and a 1025 carbon steel crown ,17-4 stainless steel base and one at the rear of the putter has a damping effect of the polyurethane disks.

2. Grinding head
Provides an excellent balance of weight in order to achieve the perfect blow. High accuracy, and covered with a rich polished nickel-plating to reduce glare

3. Clubhead weight optimization
The putter is equipped with the best combination of weight and shaft length to maximize consistency and distance control, enhance feel and provide better real rolling. 33 “and 34” are putting the head 350 grams, 35 “putter head is 340 grams. 2 ball putter’s head was 350 grams and 360 grams.

4. Streamlined inserts
The soft, flexible core has a very high elasticity, can enhance the feel and true rolling; thin outer layer of a solid hit into the polyurethane surface with a fine shot of feedback. Meanwhile, the insert move the weight around the clubhead to achieve ultra-high moment of inertia and better stability.

Odyssey putter usage topped the British Open!

Odyssey of the many excellent science and technology to conquer the course, and therefore sought after by people for a whole 20 years. British Open this year, the 156 participating players, a total of 46 people using the Odyssey putter, 29.5% of the total number of entries, is putting the champion on the usage list. Defending champion Padraig Harrington on the Odyssey putter has a soft spot.

Tom Watson, 59, won the British Open 5 times, with the Odyssey White Hot XG # 7 all the way to reach the fourth round of the final hole. Most want to be the oldest British Open champion in history, but unfortunately he disorders play this hole, though, everyone is excited about his wonderful performance.

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