Induction Market Warlords Mixed War “king”



Recent years,


Its high efficiency, energy saving has been more and more accepted by consumers, so that the appliance into the small household appliance market, a dark horse. With industry experts, appliance sales in 2004 topped 11 million units, sales in 2006 expected to exceed 15 million appliance units, small household appliances will become one of the fastest growing product.

With China

Real estate

Industry’s rapid development, urban living in community-based development and city gas


Construction is not synchronized to the appliance manufacturers provide a broad market. In addition, improvement of living standard, “living in


“Concept to promote

Whole cupboard

Industry’s rapid development. According to statistics, basically 50% of consumers will buy the whole cabinet purchase of stove. Therefore, induction cooker enterprises and high-quality goods cabinet business alliance, using their own


Advantage of expanding market share, will be a win-win cooperation, on both sides to improve market share in both complementary role in enabling the entire stove


No longer monotone, creating highly efficient and orderly chain, in order to achieve common development.

Vast market for the appliance industry’s rapid development, but as the market cut into the low threshold, the appliance market has quite a mixed bag, the quality of stimulation. The market is the pack melee, but there is no absolute


Brand, the appliance market expected, “King” appearance. In order to fight to the


, Manufacturers have in product development, industrial design, the appearance of increased investment to improve product quality, diversity and other aspects of growth a boost. Now the market in the United States, and other major brands separatist Supor country most of the time, also emerged a number of small brands, many of whom are strong momentum in the “different forces”, such as the induction cooker “dark horse” Sakata, known for induction cooker, just started recently Hebei open market, a market, opening to go on the achievements of high quality, low prices on a tremendous impact on the original brand.

Talk about the reasons, the industry simply summarized as “the new brand, new ideas, new markets.” Good products need good marketing, according to Sakata reputation electrical appliance agent responsible analysis, a brand agency is operating in the distribution of a train of thought, mode of operation as well as market positioning, as the key interface between the factory and the end, the agents must be able to terminal provides sales,


, Activities and other aspects of the guidance


Terminal inventory, while helping them deal with inventory, to break the traditional sales model, which is also known as “service terminal.” Common between the agent and the seller is only between accounts cargo business, marketing requirements and modern factories, agents, distributors, sales terminal to form a close


To create the best marketing companies. Terminal expansion at the same time, will break through traditional stores only the inherent mode of strengthening cross-sectoral cooperation and interaction between industry, driven by off-site non-store sales. Supplemented by a new brand new marketing model, will bring new market opportunities and changes.

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