Perfect Your Stroke With King Cobra Drivers


The King Cobra SZ 460 model was introduced in 2005 and is still considered a very technologically advanced golf club. If you don’t swing like the pros and still want to get great distance, this is your driver.

The new King Cobra Speed Series Drivers are being referred as the first driver line designed to optimize every player’s unique ball speed for unmatched distance and accuracy. King Cobra Speed Drivers have the largest clubface in golf, which, combined with Cobra’s advanced face technology, optimizes flex across the entire face for increased ball speed and distance. Then from head to shaft to grip, every King Cobra Speed model is tuned to a specific player profile to increase their ball speed, distance and accuracy.

King Cobra Speed Drivers are available in four models: the XX/Speed, X/Speed, F/Speed and M/Speed. Additionally, the M/Speed model is also available in a women’s version and a senior’s version.

The XX/Speed is tailored for the fastest of the fast swingers and is not recommended for the vast majority of golfers (the XX/Speed was designed for use by golfers on the Cobra Long Driver Team).

The other models geared to:

X/Speed: Swing speed 104+ mph, ball speed 150+ mph
F/Speed: Swing speed 87-108 mph, ball speed 125-155 mph
M/Speed: Swing speed 76-97 mph, ball speed 110-140 mph

The easiest way to determine driver speed and ball speed is to schedule some time with a local teaching pro, which would not be this much easy with out the drivers and it also reduces time. Lofts vary depending on the model, with lofts as low as 7.5 degrees available at the top end and as high as 12 degrees at the M/Speed and F/Speed levels. All King Cobra Speed Drivers confirm to the USGA and R&A Rules of Golf which states that they have the best quality and durability of the drivers and are very easy to use.


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