Brochure Printing Can Provide an Inexpensive, Effective Advertising Campaign


It has been said that necessity is the mother of invention, but it is also fairly common to observe that recessions beget entrepreneurship. When companies get squeezed either through lack of credit or the impact of the contracting marketplace, they take it out on the much maligned middle managers. They, armed with competency and drive, turn to brochure printing to fight back.

It never fails, when the economy sours and business dollars begin to tighten, corporations begin to seek ways to save money. Efficiency is always a safe bet with stockholders, and the ever popular strategy of off with middle managers heads, is the usual execution strategy. The problem is, middle management is usually important to a company of any size, as they are running it.

The days of management growth and MBA mania died around 1970. This was about the time when the manufacturing capability in other parts regained their collective footing following the devastation of WWII. Suddenly the American advantage in manufacturing and the stellar management styles we were using came under the withering light of competition.

Companies had grown employee fat buoyed by the unending marketplace clamoring for American made products. The rise of the competition and the appearance of the first oil crisis forced business to take a closer look at its processes. Back then, cutting middle management made sense, they were in many cases redundant, and would find alternate employment rather quickly.

Today the US business environment is mature and much sleeker. The idea that companies have extra employees just for a rainy day or to offset generous vacation time is not reality. So as the economy stiffens and middle management is released once more, there is no place for them to go. But this time around, they are, by most measures, a talented lot, and so we see a growing wave of new companies being launched.

At the same time, we are witness to an unprecedented reduction in traditional media in favor of on line reporting. As this phenomenon plays out, advertising venues have dried up, both in number of outlets and relevance to the market. This is driving the campaign to get the word out to the web as well, but for new companies with a predominantly regional niche, the web is too expansive and expensive.

Web advertising is simply too easy to ignore, and efforts to overcome this further push it into the annoying category. Television and radio still exist, of course, but for a start up business this would eat up far too much capital. In addition, the public has simply become much more skeptical of what they hear on television and on the radio.

For the aspiring new entrepreneur, this takes us back to a tried and true marketing scheme which involves people talking to people. In those areas where the new business is most likely to find customers, the idea of providing printed material by a human being who can answer questions is catching on. The idea of brochure printing to provide a professional compendium covering your product or service is a concept whose time has come once more.

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