Benefits of Giving Promotional Products For Your Marketing Campaign


Promotional products are widely used in business, schools, organisations, political causes or clubs for advertising reasons. These products may be used for communication, marketing, selling or fund raising activities. The central purpose why these items are used is to make the campaign, the product or services, or the company itself known to the public. Placing the organisation’s name on the item would help in advertising especially during trade fairs or during a marketing campaign.

There is a wide range of products used for promotion that are offered by companies. It can go from low end items as pens, calendars or t-shirts to high end products as cameras or cell phones. They vary in cost and size but most often people in the limelight such as celebrities are offered expensive gifts in exchange for a product endorsement. Companies give out expensive gifts like bags, accessories or watches and hope the recipients would wear them in the public to increase their popularity and thus have the company or the brand known to the public. Another way these giveaways are used is during a political campaign.

Most commonly used for this purpose are t-shirts or mugs that bear the candidate’s picture and name to make it known to the public that this certain person is running for a certain position. Schools, charities and non-commercial organisations also use them for a fund raising event or campaigns for an awareness program. Commonly used are tin cans where people can place donations printed with the campaign logo. The wristband was also used once to promote awareness of cancer and was sold to support programs for cancer recovery and research projects being carried out about cancer.

Promotional products are used in various ways to promote a program, campaign, candidate, product or services and in return they gain support from the public, they gain new clients with their promotion and retain previous customers because of the freebies that the company gives away. The most important thing to do is have them in the products distributed to your target customers or clients. This would help increase the public’s awareness of the product that you are selling or the service you are offering. They can be distributed during trade fairs, exhibitions, and conferences where people are most likely to flock and they might be your target market.

Another way is to give them out in bulk to people who can give your promotional products to other people thus extending your promotion to more clients. This then may do the trick of giving freebies to do the work for you. Advertisements like these can help you make your products known even if you are just a small company. Let these advertising products help you and your company by finding one that suits the kind of product or service you are marketing.

Lottie Carrot works in the promotional products industry for Argon Promotions, the leading company in terms of innovative business gift ideas. Lottie works closely with businesses to help market their products and services by providing information and help in the selection of suitable promotional products for their advertising campaigns.