My Views On The Famous Play King Lear


King Lear was written in 1605 and based on a well-known England folk legend. Kate Mossâeuro™s Reason for formal dresses It is one of Shakespeare’s four major tragedies. It told us a story about an old, fatuous, self-opinionated and shortsighted king who divided his terrirory to his falsus eldest daughter, Regan and second daughter, Gonerill. However, he expelled his honest and kind-hearted little daughter, Cordelia, who did not know how to please his father.How to Get Rid of It? cocktail dresses can Help You Make It!

Lisa Cody was forced to run away from home to France with French king who loved her. King Lear himself only retained the king’s appellation and 100 attendants, ready to take turns living in two daughters’ home in his left age. However, when these two daughters get what they want they drive their old father out, regardless of how terrible a life he is going through. After hearing King Lear’s tragic experience, the little daughter crusaded against her elder sisters, but unfortunately, she failed. She was captured and cut her throat with hate. King Lear also died with sorrow. Certainly, two bad daughters’ future was tragic. The muddleheaded and fictitious King Lear does harm to his kind and innocent youngest daughter because of his vanity. And according to us, he really deserves the miserable result. But it is too miserable for him to be maltreated like this at his late age and what was worse, his youngest daughter died ahead of him.

However, we have not thought he was an ordinary man like us. If he did not listen to others’ suggestions and truths when he was young, how could he did as a king untill now and ran his country so well? However, due to his usual high positions, long-term living in court where people were all compliant, he was surrounded by people all rushed to his credit for flattery. All of the people or things were turning around him, with his likes and dislikes to be others’ likes and dislikes, his right and wrong to be others’ right and wrong. Year by year, he was just like a junkie who got into the habit of listening to flatteries. Flattery became the necessity of his life, every passing moment of him was filled with the singing of praises.

And when he loses his kingship and power and has suffered enough hardships, he restores his humanity. His lament before death is not for his original infatuation of brilliant authority and the stateliness of king, but for his youngest daughter who is cursed and expelled from the palace by him. But he could not reclaim her warm heart full of enthusiasm and love from her sinking, and because of these various experiences, he learned the most valuable is true feelings can not to buy with money or power. However, when her father was happy for the flattery from the two elder daughters, Cordelia did not cringed before him or flatter him like her sister. She was not afraid to offend her father by saying the truth, but that disappointed her father. Out of anger, King Lear expelled the youngest daughter out of the country.

The youngest daughter was kind and obedient but meanwhile stubborn and impulsive. Since she realized the nature and conspiracy, why not struggle for her position pave a way for her father later? There is no fault to maintain one`s own dignity and style, but sometimes people need to express trough words, because sometimes the power of words is much greater than action. She was happy as well.She got her true lover for her alone that her sister could never have. She lived to love and be loved. But at the same time, she was impulsive. She finally failed in the fight against her daughters who maltreated their father and died in the prison. Isn’t that because of her impulse?

Things should be down in the right time, even if her kindness could bear it anymore. She failed without doult since she was unprepared for the war that she started. This story come from the distant ancient, but there are also too many such examples in real life . We all love sweet people, and like the praise of the language, while in the end, it is just what they do harm us Well! Is this not precisely the condemnation of those who poison in the honey of the conspirators? In real life phenomenon and essence, appearance and content tend to vary so greatly, we can not lose sense because of the phenomenon and the appearance and be the next King Lear, blazing things are not all gold! In the bottom of everyone`s heart, we have our concept and standard about good and evil, true and false. No one can judge them from the beginning of their birth. The reality is cruel and we cannot have always have results as good as that in the stories in the books.

We cannot judge good and evil until we have experienced them. We shouldn’t lose the reason to identify because of our desire. We should control our affection for good words. How can we know what is sweet without tasting the bitter.

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