King Of The Mountains Of The Pig


In the Changbai Mountains in Jilin Province under the two-Town, Antu County, Shirakawa Village, a new era of Hu Shun Northeast and new, aimed at the development of Jilin Province Animal Husbandry Industry as an opportunity to actively explore the ecological Cultivation Road, creating a park-type Pig Field – Da Yang Pig 500 of 2008 slaughter pig market long, long hog in 2000, net profit of 100 million, was hailed as king pig under the Changbai Mountains.

Hu Shun-new home is located in Linyi, Shandong Province a remote mountain village. In 1980, the Northeast alone battles along the new Hu worked in Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Jilin and other places in the brick factory, sewing company employees. After 20 years of hard work, has been helping others desire to own the new Hu Shun Chuang career. Early 2004, by chance, he came across provinces two Town, Antu County, Jilin Province, inspected venture projects, find here a beautiful, beautiful environment, with good conditions for the development of aquaculture. However, due to traditional customs for a long time here, aquaculture development relatively simple: Cattle Industry developed rapidly, and pig farming industry has left behind. At this point coincides with the Government for the development of animal husbandry in Jilin Province issued many preferential policies. Good policy, good environmental further strengthened the confidence of Hu Shun new venture. He finally selected the village of White River flood in the uninhabited Deserted built-washed field, began his shift from the cloth of a new generation of pig breeding business trip to Northeast.

Business since 2004, Hu Shun ecological benefits of new features to explore a culture of road. However, the beginning and difficult.

Lack of funds, poor mountain road transport, no technology, no experience, can be described as an ambitious, difficult bunch. Do? He began to doubt my choice, just do nothing when the local party committee and government held out his hand to him. Lack of funds, the town government has given strong support, the village secretary Zhang Chuanxiang loans 200,000 yuan to help co-villagers, the town several times to the company secretary appointed Zhu Xiuming understand the situation and and rural credit cooperatives Caozhu Ren, Wan, director of enterprise on-site office. Antu County, many times the livestock sector in depth understanding of the situation and actively assist businesses; Hill Road, poor transportation, the village secretary Zhang Chuanxiang find a free road; no technology, Hu went to the Academy along new to the livestock station to seriously study, study all night long Ecological pig program; no experience, he often went to Changchun, the large-scale farms expert advice to the experts. Gradually, Hu summed up along the new set of effective methods of ecological pig. Construction on the first pig to sunny light. Pigsty insulation methods, fully guarantee the temperature of pig rearing demands, so as to achieve early weight gain, early slaughter, early results; followed by Beijing and other places to purchase high-quality pigs, breeding sows and thus enhance the ability to provide protection for the next stage of development. In the breeding, the science of ingredients, and the ratio of pure natural green food. Meanwhile pig drinking spring water, breathe the air of forests in the aerobic, no industrial pollution, good meat. As the scientific feeding, rational use of the ecological environment, pig production, a substantial increase in sales per day buy pig team flock. Hu Shun the new livestock industry was finally on track, economic and social benefits is gradually revealed.

Hu Shun new wealth in their own, the active mobilization of the villagers to develop pig breeding, take the road to getting rich. Town of Longjing old man he’s Chen Zhongtian as counterparts to support families, and he signed to provide piglets Feed , Vaccination, one-stop service contract sales. Hu Shun in the new help, Chen Zhongtian rapid growth of the culture from chipping away big. In recent years, Hu has support along the new development of 30 rural households in pig production, to help them become rich.

2009 year, “three-year campaign of speeding up development of animal husbandry in Jilin Province to implement the program,” the same as spring came to his side, Hu Shun-out effort to accelerate development of new stronger. March 2009, at his initiative, the two Town of big strategic implementation, the base strategy, with a large area with a large, even with the base model to lead the masses to become farmers. May 2009, another expansion of pig 3, the introduction of 230 pure-bred sows, 1,000 head of finishing pigs, pigs 800, reached three thousand years of slaughter, not only to consolidate the local pig production in the leading position, led the demonstration effect also increased.

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