Has Your Dog Become King of Your Castle?


If you have ever raised a puppy to adulthood than you know how much of an amazing, wonderful, heart-warming, frustrating, hair-pulling, and hands in the air experience it can be.

Puppyhood is full of cuteness and forgiveness. Of course the first few months no puppy is expected to be able to hold in their pee until they are let outside. Newspaper and soaker pads are laid out in an assigned area called the ‘puppy area’. Your pup is clumsy and funny, and you spend hours on the floor watching them learn things, like who that other puppy is in the mirror.

Then they get into their phase when they start to understand that going outside is acceptable and inside is very unacceptable; although, they don’t always follow this particular rule. You spend many of your hours cleaning big stains out of the carpet, all the while getting more frustrated each time you’re on your knees doing it.

The puppies have now found their loud voice and began to use it whether it’s called for or not. Anything can warrant a bark; someone at the door, a bell on the TV, or a piece of fluff going by in the air.

All the bad behaviors appear one by one and if you don’t stay on top of it, your house can literally become the dog’s house, where you just happen to live and cater to their every need.

There are of course those very few well behaved dogs that follow your rules all the way through their life. They’re the ones you never have to worry about running away from you off leash or bolting out the front door. They would never attack another dog, jump up on someone, bark right when you fall asleep, or bark louder when you tell them to stop. They wait until they’re told to get into the car so you can lay the blanket down to absorb their wet and muddy feet. Oh those perfect and lovable dogs.

Unfortunately most people have the run away, jumping, barking, impatient, non-listening, and sometimes aggressive dog. These people try different techniques that they learn from their friends or read about in a quick search but they just don’t seem to work. Sometimes these techniques work for a while but aren’t enforced enough or they just become a game to dog.

The only thing that really works is to learn a method that has been proven to work, and to follow through with what you have learned.

If you do not feel comfortable going to a class and showing off how unruly your dog has become then it is best to get your information through a video, book or download an e-book. If you download an e-book make sure you look for confidence and success in their methods. Testimonials and money back guarantees pretty much set you up for success. Also look for something where they offer you help with your questions whether it is by e-mail or phone. Also, if they have video’s posted to their site for you to view as well as the e-book, than it’s like you’re getting two deals for the price of one.

The benefits of buying an e-book are you can get your information within a few minutes, you don’t have to go out and waiver between shelves full of training books at a book store, and you can also highlight points and make it into a printable to-do list of the most important techniques for you.

A dog deserves a high commitment of training from you, so they can have the highest quality of life possible. Bad habits and poor technique can become ingrained if repeated over many years. Just as we are happier with our dogs when they follow the rules; they really are happier when they understand the rules and how to follow them.

There are many different books and e-books out there. For an excellent one, I would recommend you check out my blog.

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