Budgeting For Your New King Size Bed


Are you fed up with your double bed? Do you need more space to get comfortable at night? Do you keep bumping into your partner as you toss and turn?

If you have answered yes to any of the questions above then maybe you need a bigger bed. If you are stuck with a double then there are two options you can go for; a king or a super king. These offer half a foot or a foot and a half more space than your standard double and could transform your sleeping experience.

Why get a king size bed?

King size beds are great. They are bigger than a double but not as big as a super king. This makes them an ideal balance between spacious sleep and taking up too much space in your bedroom. In the UK a king size bed is 6’6″ long by 5′ wide. This makes it a half foot wider than a double bed, which can make all the difference when you and your partner are trying to get comfortable.

Indeed, king size beds and mattresses are becoming the new standard size for beds as people find the double more and more restricting.

If you think that your room is too small for a king size bed then why not try some space saving techniques to maximise the amount of room you have available. Install some new shelves for example, or utilise the space under your bed. Many beds now come with under bed storage drawers. If they don’t you can simply get some stow away trays which will instantly free up huge amounts of space.

Will I need to get new bedding to fit the bed?

You might be worried that if you get a new king size bed you will need to get all new bedding to match it. Well this depends. If you use fitted sheets then obviously they won’t fit your new bed, they’ll be too small. However you might be able to get away with using the same sheets if they aren’t fitted.

The same goes for a duvet. Ideally you will get a new, larger duvet to fit your bed, but this isn’t necessary. You double will still do, it will just look a little small when the bed is made.

Whatever you decide remember that it is always a good idea to change your bedding every few years as it becomes worn. And don’t forget your pillows too. Yes pillows only generally come in one size, but do you really want all new bedding and old pillows? And did you know if your pillow is over two years old, up to 10% of its weight can be made up of dust mites.

So if you are looking to invest in a new king size bed, make sure that you think about the bedding you are going to put with it.

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