The Good & The Bad Of Viral Marketing Campaigns


The majority of viral marketing campaigns focus on bribing others to forward specially marked messages to friends so they can receive special gifts or bonuses.  However, many individuals have had their fill of those types of viral marketing techniques.  As a result, it is time for viral marketing campaign be more exciting in order for it to be successful.

Any truly successful viral marketing campaign works because the recipients of the message are naturally compelled to forward the messages due to content of the message itself and not bribed into doing it.

Asking recipients of your e-mail message to forward your message to their friends, family, and acquaintances simply will not work.  Recipients will more than likely delete any line at the bottom of any message they receive that states, “feel free to forward to a friend,” as well.

However, if you are looking for techniques that will work, then offer the recipients of your e-mail messages valuable content that is worthy of being shared with others such as information or discounts or even offer them incentives for sharing such as additional entries in special sweepstakes.  Information or research studies relevant to what is going on such as a flu epidemic within your e-mail will encourage recipients to share such vital information with their friends and family.

Your viral marketing campaign will be successful with interactive content as well.  Recipients oftentimes enjoy receiving IQ test or compatibility quizzes because these are fun and worth sharing with their friends.  Other information that the recipients of your viral marketing e-mails will enjoy forwarding to their friends and family will be e-mails containing humorous cartoons and jokes because these are entertaining and are meant to be shared.

Another important note to make is that any multimedia experience that is funny, entertaining, or informative will enable you to reach your viral marketing goals as recipients will be more than eager to share these types of e-mails with their friends.

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