Why Body Mass Index Is Important To Your Overall Health



So what exactly is Body Mass Index?  Well, Body Mass Index (or BMI as it is often called) is the relationship between a person’s individual weight and height.  BMI is measured by a mathematical formula and is often used by doctors to assess overall health.  You can often find BMI calculators online like the free one provided here.

Why is BMI so important?  First let us start off by talking a little about the BMI categories.  There are usually four categories that are used as classifications.  If a person falls into the 18.5 or less category they are considered underweight.  The 18.5 to 24.9 category is considered to be the normal category, and optimal body weight.  People who fall into this normal category are generally considered to be at a healthy weight and have less risk for serious health issues later on in life.  The 25 to 29.9 category is considered overweight, and anything above 29.9 is considered obese.  As we all know, obese individuals are at a greater risk for developing serious health issues including diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and premature aging of the internal organs.

So as you can see, the Body Mass Index can be very useful for determining a healthy body weight.  Once you find your BMI category, it is important to take steps to improve your overall weight, unless you are in the normal category, then you simply need to maintain your good weight.  Some great tips to lose weight include proper diet and exercise.  But many people find that exercise can be boring and often quit early and simply give up.  One great tip for staying on the correct path is to take daily walks after dinner with your spouse, friend, or dog.  Not only will you get exercise but you will also be spending quality time with the ones you love.  This also has the added benefit of getting closer to the important people in your life which results in the exercise time feeling less like exercise and more like fun.  Try it!

Children should also be familiar with their BMI category.  It is especially important for kids today to get regular weight check-ups because of the increasing prevalence of obesity in youngsters.  It is too easy for kids to come home after school and flip on the television, play video games, or surf the internet and not get any exercise.  In addition, all of these sedentary activities tend to encourage snacking.  Once you have determined your child’s body mass index, the next step is to take action if they are overweight.  Encourage a healthy lifestyle by limiting television and video game time, and make them go outside to play activities.  Giving them healthy snacks such as fruit and vegetables is also a great way to keep them eating healthy and on the proper road to improving their BMI.

I hope that these tips about the body mass index and weight loss will help you in your quest to lose weight and attain a healthy lifestyle.



John Robertson is an avid advocate for healthy living.  Visit his site here:  http://www.bmi.ca