Make The Most Out Of Your Outdoor Marketing With Aerial Ads


If you are planning to launch an outdoor marketing campaign for your product or service, you can easily squeeze in an aerial ad to enhance the impact of your advertisement on the viewers without putting much of a burden on your budget. Aerial advertising will increase the consumers’ responses in the most cost-effective manner.

It is a fact that whenever you launch a campaign, you want your ad to earn maximum profit and reach the maximum number of potential consumers in the most economical way. When you are focusing on outdoor marketing, billboards, “street furniture” are the common choices. However, these strategies have their limitations which can be overcome by adding aerial advertising to your ad campaign.

Your static billboard can attract the people passing by, however, it is powerless in a sense that it has to wait for its viewer to come and read the message presented on it. Whereas your aerial billboard catches your consumer wherever they are no matter it is a traffic jam, a beach, a sporting event, a musical concert, a parade or any other festival.

The aerial ads are custom designed according to your requirements. You can opt for a letter banner, an aerial billboard or a logo board. These banners usually have the logo of your company and a simple and precise message you want to convey to your customers. The aerial advertising company will design this ad. Luckily you have to pay the banner cost only once and then for the flight time.

When an airplane flied over your customers head they will naturally look at it and get the message. Because of its uniqueness this message has a more recall value than any other advertising banner. According to recent surveys, almost 90% of consumers were reported to remember what was being advertised even after 30 minutes. On average each viewer gets more than 17 seconds to view your ad which gives him ample time to understand the purpose of this advertisement.

One of the biggest advantages of aerial advertisement is that it is very cheap; approximately 50 cents per thousand prospects. When you want to get worth for every dollar you spend on your advertising campaign, aerial marketing has no match.

If you are advertising your brand via traditional media i.e. TV, Radio or newspaper, the same theme can be depicted in your aerial ads. The innovative and nonintrusive nature of aerial marketing will surely create a magnificent image of your brand on your consumers’ mind, forcing him to buy your product or benefit from your service.

People always love fancy and new things… surprise your consumers with this unique advertising style. Always choose a professional and well equipped company, to make sure that your advertising campaign hits the right market.


Located in New York, Arnold Aerial Advertising provides aerial advertising services nationwide with affordable rates. Michael Arnold is the Director of Arnold Aerial Advertising Inc. They conduct all forms of Aerial Advertising including Blimp Advertising. They fly the Beaches, All Sporting Events, Concerts, Rush Hour Traffic. They are the only agency that provides all of the methods of aerial advertising- blimps, aerial banner flying, and skywriting.

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