How to Get the Most Out of Your PPC Campaigns


If your goal is to get highly targeted website traffic as quickly as possible, the best solution is pay per click advertising. The kind of traffic you can get with PPC is also the kind that is easy to convert into buyers, since you can target it very precisely. If you want to profit with PPC, however, you have to understand that getting your ads highly placed and outbidding your competitors will not necessarily be enough for you to succeed. Just like any Internet marketing tactic/strategy, it’s really important to understand the basic fundamental principles of PPC and create your own advertising plan before you even launch a campaign. If you jump in before you do adequate research, you risk wasting time and losing money on ill-planned campaigns. The following tips will help you spend less and earn more in your PPC efforts.

Don’t forget to test your landing pages. Writing great ad copy and having top placement is only the first step in a profitable campaign. Your landing page also has to compel your visitor take whatever action you want him to take: make a purchase, fill out his e-mail, etc. Without an effective landing page, your campaigns can’t be profitable.If you don’t focus on your landing page and optimizing it, you’ll simply be losing money on each and every click that you get. This is why you have to test your landing pages. To test your landing pages, make sure you use at least two distinct landing pages for every campaign. If you want to get the highest returns from your campaigns you must take the time to do this. By continually testing landing pages, you can gradually find higher and higher converting ones, while discarding the ones that don’t perform as well. Your PPC ads are just like classified ads, so say something about benefits. The will help your CTR, click through rate. People naturally are attracted to, and are responsive to, benefits when they see them in ads. People generally respond better to ads if it makes them feel like they can get an incredible deal on something.

Try to stick, for now, with those keyword phrases that do not cost a lot. You can get into some trouble if you’re inexperienced and try to compete directly with the very experienced PPC advertisers.Goes without saying that you need to still make a profit after all the smoke has cleared, so figure out what you can afford. Even if you can afford the expensive keywords, it’s your product price that will partly determine if it’s worth it. You can get lots of traffic with pay per click, but proceed with caution; make your daily budget small at first.Once you start to see profits, you can increase your budget and start making good money.

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