Caboodle Social Media Marketing Firm And Video Overlay Ads


I’m an affiliate of Caboodle social media marketing. We offer ways for retail businesses to use Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to drive more traffic. We also offer video overlay ads on popular Internet video sites and we have a number of mobile smart phone applications like a mobile store, mobile invoicer, etc.

I’m writing a series of question and answer blog postings on Caboodle. The first question I get asked a lot is what is social media marketing? Well that’s a bit like asking “How long is a piece of string”? There are a lot of moving parts. But Caboodle fills in certain pieces of the social media marketing puzzle for small and media sized businesses including Facebook Twitter and YouTube account set up, initial rounds of fans and followers and content. With YouTube we’ll get you targeted channel views, ratings and favorites so your business gets pushed up in the search engines. We also provide video overlay ads on popular video sites and a social media rewards site. So Caboodle is an interactive marketing company. And because of the network marketing module, it’s great for anyone looking for a sales job openings in Omaha or anywhere or anyone looking for a small business for sale in Omaha or anywhere.

That takes me to the next question I hear a lot. Isn’t network marketing the same as MLM? It is. And a lot of people ask if MLM is a pyramid scheme. The answer is some are. The key is you have to offer products and services and the products and services have to be priced at or below market levels. Caboodle has an outstanding line of social media marketing strategies and products priced at below market prices.

I’m giving away One Page Mobile Website with loads of features for Free. Call me anytime toll free 866.433.8501 and we can discuss Caboodle.

Steve Sleeper is a 30 year sales and marketing veteran who owns a successful Omaha small business. He’s also an experienced copywriter with a focus on sales letters. He can be reached at 866.433.8501 and his website is: