King Sized Bed Sheet Size


The king flat sheet height is 259 cm or 102 inches. The measurement is applicable for the regular king and California king too.

What are the Other Flat Sheet Sizes?

The queen size is 228 x 259 cm, which is equal to 90 x 102 inches. The full flat sheet is 205 x 243 cm or 81 x 96 inches. The measurement for the X-long twin is 167 x 259 cm (66 x 102 inches). The twin flat sheets are 167 x 243 cm or 66 x 96 inches.

How to Distinguish Flat and Fitted Sheets

The flat king sheets are recognizable by their flat appearance and being easy to fold. The same cannot be said of fitted sheets due to the elastic corners. Unless they are pulled over a mattress, they cannot be smoothed out. If the sheet is folded, search for bunches; this will let you know if it is a fitted or flat sheet.

Function of Flat Sheets

No matter what the king flat sheet height is, the function is the same. They can keep you warm during the cold evenings. Many people use them instead of blankets. The sheet is placed on top of the fitted sheet.

Tucked on the bottom and sides, it is directly under the comforter. The flat sheets are also used to keep the comforter clean. Properly laid down, it can be used to decorate the bed.

Buying Separately vs. Buying in Sets

The flat sheets are frequently sold with fitted sheets and pillowcases. Many people like to buy these sets as it makes bedding easy. But you may purchase these separately as well. A practical reason to buy them separately is because fitted sheets get worn out more easily. And if you prefer to use a blanket, the flat sheet will not be necessary.


The feel and fit will be influenced heavily by the fabric. Choices range from Jersey cotton, Egyptian cotton, silk, flannel and many more. The number of threads woven for every square inch must be considered too.

Higher thread counts are regarded as having superior quality. If buying flannel, check the ounces. High quality king sheets should have 4 oz of flannel at least.

What the information above shows is that the king flat sheet height is just one aspect to consider. The other factors mentioned above must be accounted for too. It will make the difference between getting quality and inferior sheets.

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