Outsourcing Your First Email Marketing Campaign


Email marketing is something that business can do to improve, whether small or large. Many people mistakenly believe that email marketing is an extinct form of advertising. This is incorrect. Though it is true that people will not read every promotional email that is sent to them, if it’s done right, you can get them to open yours.

If you are not familiar with email marketing, then you should hire a professional to help you. It is always best to hire a professional for assistance with your first email marketing campaign. Maybe after you have hired someone for the first campaign, you can handle further campaigns on your own. Even if you have a professional handle your email marketing campaign, you should still take the time to read a book on the subject, so you understand how the process should be working on your behalf. You want to understand how the process works, and what you should expect from any professional that you hire.

You should have a clear budget for your email marketing campaign. Don’t expect to get results for cheap or free. You have to treat your email marketing like any other form of advertising campaign (i.e. direct mail, television, or radio). You want your emails to look professional; and you want your emails to reach the types of paying customers that your offer will appeal to.

Be careful about hiring inexperienced freelancers to handle your bulk email marketing campaigns. There are a lot of people that have no experience that are willing to handle your email marketing campaign. These people will usually charge you very little money; but when you encounter people like this, just keep going. They don’t have good email lists, and they don’t have the experience to market your business effectively.

Also, understand that it’s a numbers game. You may have to send out hundreds of thousands of emails to get a favorable result. You might have to send out 100,000 emails before you make one sale. This means you can’t expect overnight results from an email marketing campaign; so be realistic.

In preparation for your campaign, make sure that your business can handle a favorable response. If you wind up making a lot of sales through your email marketing, make sure that your website can handle a rush of attention. Make sure that your staff can provide customer service in case there is an onslaught of new customers. In addition, only work with a company that can show you proof of results that they have gotten for other clients. If a company cannot prove their efficiency and accomplishment, select another company.

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