Push the Limitations of Marketing With Aerial Ads


There is no denying this simple truth: If people don’t know your company exists then your company will have a hard time making it.However, many start-up companies simply hope that their products and services will simply spread via word of mouth, or that their simple print ads in the local newspaper will drive business their way. Sure these two forms of gathering new customers are both proven but how effective will they really be to your company’s bottom line?

If you are a start up company you probably do not have access to millions or thousands of dollars to film a commercial and then to purchase air time during prime time television. So you will have to think of more inventive and creative ways to get your company’s names and message out there.

That is where aerial ads come into play.

Why Small Businesses Thrive With Creative Marketing

You might not be able to compete and spend like the “big guys” but you can give them a run for their money by implementing aerial ads as part of your advertising campaign.

With aerial ads you will commission a company to fly a plane over a well populated area in a location wherein your target audience and customers frequent. These companies will create either text banners or billboard style banners, which they will then fly and display behind the plane as they fly over the area you have requested. All you have to do is decide what you want on your banner advertisement. The company will then create the banner and fly it over your selected area of interest.

In most cases you will want something simple, to the point, and that grabs people’s attention! Many companies have come up with funny or interesting website addresses which they have purchased and then directed to point to their actual company’s website. These strange named website addresses when seen on a banner are meant to spark interest and attention. If someone sees a humorous domain name it will stick in their mind and the next time they find themselves sitting in front of their computer, they are likely to type it in and will magically teleported to your company’s website.

This type of creative marketing has been proven effective in driving new customers to newly formed businesses.

On a business and marketing level it should be noted that the use of aerial ads has been proven to not only draw in the attention of those who look upon them, but it has been determined that nearly 90% of people who come into contact with an aerial ad will actually recall the advertisement and its message for up to a week after they see it. Likewise three out of five people who see an aerial ad will also tell at least one other person about the advertisement they saw. This is great news for a small company looking to get their product or service recognized by thousands of people for little money.

There is no doubt that the use of aerial ads is one the smartest advertising choices that a new company can make!

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