How to Make Your Marketing Campaign a Success with Infographics!


How to Make Your Marketing Campaign a Success with Infographics!

How to Make Your Marketing Campaign a Success with Infographics!

If you’re watching this video, you’re already aware of how important it is to incorporate infographics into your marketing strategy. Infographics are easily adaptable, consumable, and unique. They are also simple and affordable to create with tools like Let’s talk about how you can make your marketing campaign a real success with infographics!

1. Be Consistent! Branded Visuals Are Important
When you’re creating infographics, keep your style guide handy.
This means that you’re going to want to use the logos, fonts, colors, and icon style that your graphic designer used in creating your logos and other templates. If you didn’t have a graphic designer, that’s perfectly fine! Create your own style guide based on your logo, colors, and fonts. Stay consistent with these, but have fun when creating diverse content. Not everything has to use the same template (that can get boring!).

2. Diversify Your Marketing Potential
With infographics, you’re not limited to one piece of content per media type. Consider breaking up your infographic into smaller consumable sections and insert these relevant sections in emails, brochures, ebooks, presentations, or as a screen capture in a video. There are endless ways to diversify and repurpose your infographic content, but remember that it is important to cherry-pick where you put your energy and resources. You’ll want to base your decisions on your target audience and what they are most likely to consume.

3. Push It Across Social Media
What “sells” the most on social media? It’s Images! Studies show that eye tracking on social media sticks the longest when there is a relevant visual that gets the point of the post across. Make sure to optimize your images for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest to get the maximum social media boost from one infographic! Remember, social shares = higher profits, so don’t neglect this!

4. Add a Call to Action to Boost Web Traffic and Conversions
Consumers are 17% more persuaded to engage with your business by clicking, following, or researching your website when you use dynamic visuals.
If you create an infographic that is highly engaging and holds unique information relevant to your audience, they’re going to click it. To encourage the reader along, be sure to add a clear call to action, such as:
-Visit our website!
-Sign-up for our newsletter!
-Like us on Facebook!
-or Subscribe!
These a just a few examples, but I think you get the idea.

Lastly, Remember That You’re Clever!
Having your own business says a lot about you! You chart your own course and you set uncommon goals for yourself. With the right knowledge and a little bit of a can-do attitude, you can absolutely create infographics that will attract your target audience and convert. Your business will benefit massively from this portion of your marketing efforts, and your audience will love consuming and sharing what you create.
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