It’s Great To Be King


The word royalty always brings up images of crowns, jewels, and
velvet capes. This could just be a chldhood memory of fairy tales
that most of us heard and loved. However, in today’s world, the idea
of being “king” over a bowing multitude of subjects has reached the
most belitting lows of our civilized society.

The images that are seen on national television and watched by all ages
gives the young the very vivid impression that if you use tactics unbe-
coming a trustworthy and viable adult, you get your way and then if
somebody rains on your parade you can call names and point fingers.
Ah, the illusions that are created when someone thinks they are above
everyone else and have claim to everything and everyone. The fairy
tale land of Washington, D.C. has reached new heights of lowness as
a glimpse of temper was seen when things just did not go his royal way.
The truly disturbing point was that it just emphasized that what has been
going on for the last few years was and still is a lesson in what one
individual can do to the multitide of what he considers his “subjects.”
The throne in the Oval Office must have had a burr or two under the
cushions because the sand castles are trembling a bit and the high towers
seem to quake also. As more and more information comes out about
lies, misconceptions, and deceit, the airwaves fill and that pointing finger
which should drum on the chest of the one who is responsible for so
many deaths and so much destruction continues to point at everyone
who dares not fall into line or follow decree.

The fairy tale that was created with blocks stolen from the common man
and used to build a bridge that led to money and power for a few choice
loyal throne lingerers as well as the royal chair sitter himself, used words,
messages, pictures, and deception to make the poor lowly subject feel that
all was right with his world and that someone with supreme given authority
was busy on the watch command. However, through the transparent magic
mirror, the groveling lower segment of the kingdom found that they were
denied the truth, force fed falsehoods with pictures and fancy speeches,
and then found that they were responsible for only the bill payment. Aw,
fairy tales do have their dark side, don’t they? While the subjects wore
work boots and uniforms, the royal workers wore hats of loyalty, and
suits lined with what to say and how to say it.

However, in the land of greatness which the subjects of the dark royalty
have come to call home, they find that their wobbly legs can stand up to
the truth and that wrongs can be corrected with integrity and decency,
and that the young can be given a chance to grow and enjoy life, instead
of looking down the barrel of a gun and having the imprint of killing men,
women, and children forever etched on their souls. While money is usually
the root of all evil, or so do the soothsayers announce, in the right hands it
can bring about monumental changes and a living wage, decent living con-
ditions and a bright future for so many. Yes, that embassy built with walls
that are so thick the inhabitants think that the Almighty won’t find them, those
walls seem to be rattling louder each day, and there really are no hiding places
for the sorry king and his royal followers. This king should reread Humpty
Dumpty because no one will be able to put the pieces back together and
everyone will have to live with the bruises and shreds for a very long time.

Arleen Kaptur has written numerour articles and stories about living life fully and enjoying every minute of it.