Gilmore Henne 2011 Rally for Recreation Comedy Showcase and Benefit Event


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Gilmore Henne 2011 Rally for Recreation Comedy Showcase and Benefit Event
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Last month fellow photographer Jessie Hodge and I shot the Charity Event hosted by NFL players John Gilmore and Chad Henne. The charity event was held to raise money to rebuild and restore some local community parks in the Reading Pennsylvania area, giving children modern, safe, and clean areas to play.

The comedy showcase featured comedian headliner Alex Thomas and comedians Pierre, Sid Veda, and Power 99’s Tazz Daddy as host. Also featured were Jeremiah Trotter, Kristy Kowal, the Reading Phillies Dance Team, David Cullen, and the John King Dance Band.

For more information about the event and the good cause, check out the Gilmore Henne Community Fund at their website Also follow them on facebook at

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Identifier: oralwrittenengli01pott
Title: Oral and written English
Year: 1917 (1910s)
Authors: Potter, Milton Chase, 1873- Jeschke, Harry Jewett, 1873- Gillet, Harry O. (Harry Orrin), b. 1879
Subjects: English language
Publisher: Boston : Ginn
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all to-day? Cercyon looked up and laughed, and answered, I will wrestlea fall to-day; but come in, for I am lonely and thou weary, andeat and drink before thou die. Then Theseus went up boldly, and sat down before Cercyonat the board, and ate and drank ; and Cercyon ate and drank.But neither spoke a word to the other, though they looked * Note to Teacher. It is suggested that teachers starting classes at thisplace in these lessons read carefully the preceding third of the book, the preface,and the numbered notes in small type that immediately precede the index. t Pronounced theius and sHrseHn. 112 ORAL AND WRITTEN ENGLISH across the table by stealth ; and each said in his heart, Hehas broad shoulders, but I trust mine are as broad as his. At last, when the sheep was eaten, and the jar of wine draineddry. King Cercyon rose, and cried, Let us wrestle a fall beforewe sleep. Tossing off their outer garments, they went forth into thepalace yard, and Cercyon bade strew fresh sand in an open

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place. There the heroes stood face to face, while their eyesglared like wild bulls; and all the people crowded at the gatesto see what would befall. And there they stood and wrestled till the stars shone outabove their heads ; up and down and round, till the sand wasstamped hard beneath their feet. And their eyes flashed likestars in the darkness, and their breath went up like smoke inthe night air; but neither took nor gave a footstep, and thepeople watched silent at the gates. CORRECT USAGE —TWZS, THESE; THAT, THOSE 113 But at last Cercyon grew angry and caught Theseus roundthe neck, and shook him as a mastiff shakes a rat; yet hecould not shake him off his feet. But Theseus was quick andwary. He caught Cercyon round the waist, and slipped his kneeunderneath him, while he caught him by the wrist; and thenhe lifted Cercyon, and pitched him right over his shoulder tothe ground. Then Theseus opened the gates, and called in all the people;and they cried, You have slain our evil king;

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