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Supercar Service number 11
Advertising Services,
Image by Polyrus
Seen arriving at the Enfield Pageant of Motoring 2014.

The Supercar

Not designed for the indecisive who cannot decide upon the best form of transport, but the second joint TV campaign jointly funded by Network SouthEast and London Transport to promote One Day Travelcards following the change of brand name (from Capitalcard in January 1989) and advertising agencies.

With a ‘superman’ theme, the agency GGT came up with the concept of ‘Supercar’.

Ex London Bus DMS 1515 Daimler Fleetline/MCW (THM 515M) was purchased from South Yorkshire PTE and converted into this novel bus, tube and NSE Class 321 ‘omni-vehicle’ capable of running on both road and rail. The conversion was undertaken by John Maher of Pine Films. After the filming of the ‘Supercar’ commercial on road and rail, the vehicle subsequently appeared in the Lord Mayor‘s Show, the Bus of Yesteryear Rally and Southend Airshow in 1992 before being ‘retired’.