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Hollywood Farm
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Image by Robert of Fairfax
Label 116 indicates the location of Hollywood Farm where Alexander Morson’s (b1805 – d1850) family lived. Today, it would be located to the west a third of the way up Hollywood Farm Road just before getting to Wildcat corner. According to WPA researcher, Julia Marie Heflin, Hollywood was the estate of Arthur Alexander Morson (1803 – 1864), Alexander’s brother, and is nine miles east of Falmouth in Stafford County, Virginia. [He and /or his brothers probably inherited it from his/their father who died in 1822 when he was 19, being the eldest in the brother and because his eldest sister, Marion died in 1819 at age 18]. This confuses some historians who naively mix it up with land owned by Arthur Morson in Hartwood to the west of Falmouth because Hartwood and Hollywood used to be part of King George county before 1777. After 1777, the boundary of King George county was moved east of Butzner Corner, VA. and Hartwood and Hollywood became part of Stafford county. The original Hollywood colonial home was built in 1823 and burned down in 1889. Real Estate records indicate that the brothers of Alexander and Arthur, Hugh and John Morson sold the rest of their grandfather’s Hartwood land west of Falmouth which is known as the Morson tract. Later on, Hollywood would be sold to the Purkins about the same time Alexander Morson (b1805 – died before 1850) passed away. Alexander’s wife, Maria May Berry (b1812 – ), died before 1860 and the kids were orphaned and taken care of by their Uncles as indicated by 1860 census records. The eldest, not an orphan, Alexander Morson (b1836 – d1854) would graduate from VMI and die of Yellow Fever in Louisiana working for the Army Corp of engineers. John A Morson (b1838 – d1880) would live with Uncle Arthur in Richmond, fight in the Civil War as an assistant surgeon, and settle in Mississippi. The sisters, Catherine Berry "Kate" Morson (b1841 – ) and Susan S Morson (b1841 – ) lived with their youngest Uncle James Marion Morson in Goochland. Finally, Arthur Alexander Morson (b1846 – d1914) lived with his Uncle Hugh until he attended VMI. In 1864, he fought at the Battle of New Market. Then he settled in Mississippi, married Bessie Eppie Dameron (1860 – 1835), and established a dairy business in Van Winkle, Jackson, Mississippi.

I’m still trying to find the Hollywood graveyard which, according the Heflin, is very large. Probably the best way to find the Morson’s Hollywood home site is to ask folks in the area where Purkins’ graveyard is. The original colonial home was 25 yards (another web site says 600 feet) south of it. If there is anything left, it would probably be just a brick foundation. The graveyard would be the easiest area to find although it may be enveloped by thick forestation. In January 2006, I drove up Hollywood Farm road and could not find it.

Here are all my references about the graveyard and Hollywood Farm: Hollywood Cemetery, Hollywood Farm Mountain Bike Trail, Driving Tour the Army of the Potomac in Stafford County 1862-1863, Master List of Places Mentioned in the Letters to Dr. Carmichael & Son, WPA Survey Report, Hollywood, research made by Julia Maria Heflin, January 7, 1937.

If anyone can help me identify the location of the cemetery or the home it would be greatly appreciated. Please post comments and clues here. THANKS in advance!!!

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