5 Genuine Reasons for Failure of Social Media Marketing Campaign


Have you ever wondered why some people more often than not succeed in creating sensational social media marketing results? Then there are some who try their level best but do not get positive results from the campaigns. What is the big difference between these strategies? Let us look at the points which hamper the progress of SMM campaign and try to find out definite solutions for them:

Choice of wrong channels for promotion: A very common mistake made by people during social media marketing process is selecting wrong channel of promotion for their brands. When you see the compelling statistics of Facebook and Twitter followers, there is a major temptation to opt for these popular social media sites for promotion. But this is where you go wrong; because it is not necessary that your product/brand will receive the same popularity as the other products. Before selecting the medium for promotion; it is very important to find relative communities pertaining to your product on the web. If you are a software development company, try and find out the sites where the customers are more likely to hang out and then select the medium. This will take a definite edge to you during the SMM process.
Choice of wrong people: People believe what they see. Just because someone is giving suggestion to you, does not make them an expert of the topic. For ex. Your web designer has a Twitter account and he regularly tweets from his account. That does not make him an expert in social media marketing. Learn from an expert. Maybe it will be expensive but it is better to pay for a reliable service than to learn from a failed experience; paying three to four times of what was initially required.
Choice of shoddy content: How many times we have seen that people write content just for the sake of writing it? If you try to do one step better than a shoddy content, it is not remarkable. Your content should be reference point for others to write on. Spend some time on keyword research tools and see the keywords which are mostly used in your industry. Then create content by editing the unnecessary words and building a strong rapport with the readers.
Choice of wrong direction made by your team: There are times when in spite of having right people on board, you are not able to convince them that the SMM process will work. It is very important to have each and every member of the team in consensus with the marketing plan. Explain the team about the advantages that can be driven home if they stick to the plans. Each and every member of the team needs to follow the same direction in order to succeed in the long run.
Choice of erroneous execution: Many people fail to achieve proper results through SMM campaign due to erroneous execution. A brilliant example of this is; when users tried to access your information on your corporate website; it imploded. People who wanted to access your webpage had to go through ridiculous load times and they were not able to view your content. Find someone who can administer your site and can run tests to make sure there are no delays. Start from a small channel and gradually build confidence on larger social media sites.

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