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Armed policemen during longshoremen’s strike, Seattle, July 20, 1934
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Image by IMLS DCC
Creator: Staff PhotographerSeattle Post-Intelligencer

Description: In the early 1930s, the International Longshoremen’s Association, led by San Francisco-based Harry Bridges, tried to unionize all West Coast dockworkers to improve pay and working conditions. In 1934, after employers refused to recognize the union, West Coast longshoremen went out on strike for 98 days, seriously disrupting trade. At Seattle’s Smith Cove, picketing strikers blocked access to the piers and tried to prevent ships from being loaded and unloaded. The mayor called out the police to curb periodic violence.  Strikers and sympathizers had stormed Seattle’s police headquarters after police raids on Communist and radical unions began on July 18. When the men retreated to Smith Cove to join the picketers, Mayor Charles Smith led 300 policemen to the area armed with tear gas and submachine guns. Injuries were heavy on both sides, but no shots were fired.  In this July 19, 1934, photo, taken in Seattle during the West Coast Longshoremen’s Strike, two policemen crouch behind protective bales of wool on the Garfield Street (Magnolia) Bridge at Smith Cove.

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Queen of Wisdom
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Image by Niall McAuley
Queen of Wisdom: a crown over a scroll and quill pen. The Litany of Loreto refers to Mary as the Seat of Wisdom, but Queen of Wisdom is often applied to her also.

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sequoia wants to play with the ball – _MG_4655
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Image by sean dreilinger
copyright © 2007 sean dreilinger

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