Daily Index Trader Review – Does It Work


First off, we want to make this clear, we traded Daily Index Trader for well over two months, recorded and reported all our results. Thus, this review is not the same as others you will find. We do not simply re-print marketing nonsense from a sellers website nor do we copy and paste affiliation sales material. Our reviews are carried out by traders with experience who have actually used the product, for over two months in this instance.


Yet another product where the terminology “geek” and “nerd” are utilised in the sales hype. This time the vendor exposes a “payout loophole” which ensures you “get paid when you win, get paid when you lose”. The system has a 76% win ratio from when live trading commenced over 12 months ago and does not involve sitting at a workstation checking open positions. No previous trading experience is required neither is a big trading pot.


The system comes with a 69 page manual however this is not the meat of Daily Index Trader, the core is the “Evaluator”. Just transpose the CAC and DAX closing values from the historic day and the Evaluator supplies details of the trades to use for today. These positions are subsequently entered at 0915 UK Time and are Set & Forget. Thus, no charts, no screen watching, no hassle – How does it perform?


To begin with, the procedure is quite a little bit difficult to get used to, find the closing values, transpose them into the Evaluator, check the trade details, execute the trade, update the Evaluator, place Stop losses and then finally update and save the spreadsheet with the results ready for the next day. OK, that makes it come across as really tricky but in actual fact, after a few goes it becomes second nature.

Anyway, after trading throughout October and November we were in negative territory around -6% based on a flat 2% risk per trade. Our results are similar to those reported by Martin so as a result of our 2 months experience we can confirm the results posted for that period are achievable.

Previously, the track record for this system, according to the website, is above par and this may just be a hiccup, don’t all strategies go through this? On this basis, we have chose to give this system at least an extra 4 weeks and monitor the outcome in December for signs of improvement. We will for sure report back on the outcome.

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Tatiana is a Full-time trader with over 10 years experience in trading the Forex markets. She is a member of the ReviewTeam at SystemsForTraders, renowned for its independent Forex Trading System Reviews .