Effectiveness of Yellow Pages Advertising


Gone were the days when we only had print ads for our advertisement. Many business owners have invested a lot of money to make their products and services known to the world. Some of them prefer the newspapers and magazines. Others use the billboards in the streets, the posters, banners and leaflets which are distributed in the sidewalks. Some are utilizing the radio and television advertisement. And of course, the most popular form before which was adhered to by the business owners are the Yellow Page advertisements.

Yellow page advertising is the process wherein the products and services of a company or business is sold  by including it in directory containing the name, address and the contact number of the firm. By doing these more people will be informed of the existence of your business and they will be more informed of the advantages that your products will give them. This increases the customers who buy from you or who avail of your services. This was the most popular type of advertising before. However, it seems that its effectiveness has now lowered. This is mainly because of the rise of modern information technology which has given us a new environment for advertising, the internet. There is no doubt that it really had a great impact on the Yellow Page industry.

The Yellow Pages are basically very expensive to maintain as an advertising tool. This is mainly because of the high cost that the advertisers will charge you. The yellow page representatives also give you false statistics which tend to convince you that many people are still using it and that there are a great number of them who called your company up.

The truth is that these are not really true. Majority of the callers are not really customers who want to buy the product. Only a few of them are really interested in your products and services. They are just trying to convince you for you not to stop your Yellow Page Ad. Compared to the internet, the cost of advertising in the Yellow Pages is almost triple the price of how much it will cost you in the World Wide Web. You can also have a flexible budget because you have unlimited options in the internet to advertise your products and services.

The Yellow Page has already become somewhat a dull place for Suppliers to place your ads. The internet is a much more convenient, cheaper and more interactive place to display your services. You can also be more creative than the use of the Yellow Page which only limits itself to the name, the address and your contact number. People will be more convinced if they see some product pictures, descriptions and some testimonials.

Yes. It’s true. Yellow Pages or B2B Websites are really not the trend anymore when it comes to business advertising. This is especially true within the city. The far-flung areas are also becoming advanced right now because of the internet connections which are also available now for their use.

Alan Joseph writes full-time for the b2b industry where he provides business tips and guides for Manufacturers and exporters. He has a bachelor of International Relationships from Ryerson University in Toronto, and has been writing for various B2B Websites since September 2010.

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