Campaign Shorts: The Next Generation Of PR


Campaign Shorts: The Next Generation Of PR

Darren Burns, President of Weber Shandwick China, tells Campaign how the experience for PR professionals has changed hugely over the years. Burns also explains different methods for getting the next generation of PR workers ready for what they will face.
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BIG CHANGES to Google Ad Placement: How Will it Affect Your Campaigns? 5 Key Takeaways

Things are always changing in the world of search, but last month Google REALLY shook things up with a huge change to the way AdWords ads are displayed on the search results page (SERP). In the biggest SERP layout change we’ve seen in years, Google has completely eliminated standard text ads on the right side of the page, increasing top-of-page ads to four for many queries.

Now, as the dust from this surprising change settles, we’re beginning to see exactly which accounts were affected and what advertisers should be looking out for.

Join the webinar to learn:
-Exactly how this change will impact you
-Data on expected impacts to CTR, cost per click, and impression volume
-How advertisers have been able to capitalize on the change
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