Using the Glycemic Foods Index


The glycemic foods index is used to classify food that contain carbohydrates. Foods with high glycemic index are not good for our health because they can increase the glucose level in the blood. On the contrary, low glycemic index food will not raise the glucose level in the blood system. If the glucose level of the blood is increased significantly, the person will has a high risk of getting diabetes and heart disease. To maintain a healthy body, you must eat a diet that consists of low glycemic index food.

Foods that are rich in carbohydrates are usually starchy. Starchy food is unhealthy and can cause obesity. When you are obese, you will become unmotivated to exercise and live a sedentary lifestyle. By eating food that contains low amounts of carbohydrates, there will be smaller increment of glucose in the blood stream. In this way, your body energy level will be balanced. There are many benefits of eating food with low glycemic foods index. The most important benefit is that it enables your body to burn off the excess fat and maintain a healthy weight. If you are overweight, you should eliminate foods with high glycemic foods index from your diet.

Another advantage is that it can increase the sensitivity level of the body to insulin. People with diabetes will find low glycemic food diet will help them to manage their diabetes conditions. Starchy food will worsen the condition of the diabetic patient. It can lower heart disease risk and cholesterol level in the blood. In addition, your physical endurance will be strengthened.

It is easy to change your diet to a low glycemic foods index diet. If you feel that it is difficult to eat food low in carbohydrate, you can change your diet slowly. You can start by eating oats and cereal for breakfast instead of muffins and cake. Wholegrain flour should be used to make the bread. You also must eat a lot of fruits and vegetables per day. You should not eat too many fruits per day because they will raise the glucose level in the blood. It is recommended that you eat one citrus fruit every day. Processed foods contains a lot of sugars should you should avoid them. You should not eat too much during meal time. After you feel full, you should stop eating. To find out more about the glycemic foods index , refer to a good glycemic index guide.

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