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A few nice advertisement business, images I found:

Vintage 1966 Ad, “What Sort of Man Reads Playboy?,” At the Airport
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Image by classic_film
Another in a series of vintage 1960s Playboy self promotion advertisements – 1966 – well-dressed man at the airport, with two pretty girls looking at him, one giving him a second look by looking at him over her shoulder.

Advert text (back when credit cards were not as prevalent as they are today and when having one was a big deal):
"What sort of man reads Playboy? One fully accredited. A young man who’s come a long way in a short time, the Playboy reader holds just the right cards for keeping a date with excitement. Facts: For business records or just for recreation, 37% of all Playboy readers own credit cards. Nearly 3,000,000 own gasoline credit cards alone. And they ‘take off’ at will. Want to charge up your sales and services? Let Playboy increase your rate of climb. (Source: 1965 Standard Magazine Report, W.R. Simmons & Associates.)"

Published in Playboy magazine, June 1966 – Vol. 13 No. 6

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Tarlee. Advertisement for the Advertiser newspaper on general store wall. Also advertising The Chronicle a weekly country newspaper.
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Image by denisbin
This was John Taylor’s general store. It was built in 1869. His son took over the business in 1901.

This tiny town in the picturesque Gilbert River valley was established in the 1860s as a stopover point between Burra and Gawler. It was not on the main bullock dray route from Burra to Kapunda, but drays sometimes went this way. As a staging point it was known as Forresters. There is much dispute over the origins of the town. Was its name derived from an Aboriginal word for a water hole, or was it a contraction of “Tralee” given to it by Irish workers? The town was laid out in 1868 when the railway to Burra was brought through. The town’s great claim to fame is that it provided stone for the foundations of the Adelaide GPO and the Adelaide Railway Station. The town services a rich agricultural district.

Finley Acker & Co, groceries, 121-23 North Eighth Street, Philadelphia, 1893
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Image by Scavenger49
This image from THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA AS IT APPEARS IN THE YEAR 1893 comes with a description of the business.