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Abbey of San Galgano
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Image by Mammaoca2008
Was King Arthur italian? Maube not but at San Galgano there are evidence (the sword itself!) that the legend probably started here.
This is a wonderful medieval gothic abbey; it is not very common to find gothic churches in Italy and this one is of exceptional beauty!
It was built in 12th century and abandoned in 15th… restoring works started about 40 years ago and still go on…
The structure is perfectly preserved while the roof … is the sky! This makes it a very amotional place to visit.
The roof did not collapse… it was disassembled by the paisants in 16th sec. to be sold and reused. it was common knowledge that the roof contained lead sheets which were then very valuable. The lead was sold and the rest of the roof reused for other construction.
The sword is preserved in the near Montesiepi sanctuary.

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Crosson School baseball team in a field, King County, ca. 1911
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Image by IMLS DCC
Description: The Crosson School was at the Y of 196th and Shadow Lake Road. Now a private home.

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Gilmore Henne 2011 Rally for Recreation Comedy Showcase and Benefit Event
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Image by seng1011
Last month fellow photographer Jessie Hodge and I shot the Charity Event hosted by NFL players John Gilmore and Chad Henne. The charity event was held to raise money to rebuild and restore some local community parks in the Reading Pennsylvania area, giving children modern, safe, and clean areas to play.

The comedy showcase featured comedian headliner Alex Thomas and comedians Pierre, Sid Veda, and Power 99’s Tazz Daddy as host. Also featured were Jeremiah Trotter, Kristy Kowal, the Reading Phillies Dance Team, David Cullen, and the John King Dance Band.

For more information about the event and the good cause, check out the Gilmore Henne Community Fund at their website Also follow them on facebook at