What is a Low Glycemic Index Diet?


You may have heard the term Glycemic index when you have read about food and nutrition. One type of eating is to focus on eating foods that have a low Glycemic index. Some do this for weight loss while others do this for general health.

The Glycemic index is foods measurement on blood sugar levels. If the food causes a huge spike in blood sugar it has a rather high index. If the food maintains blood sugar levels, it has a low index. Focusing on the lower foods can have benefits.

Eating this way in the long run will help people manage their weight and even lose weight. These types of foods tend to help someone not feel as hungry throughout the day compared to those that have a high index. There is also a significant reduction in health problems like heart disease, diabetes, and cholesterol issues.

What types of food have a low Glycemic index?

Most natural grains are a huge source of this type of food. This would include things like bran, oatmeal, barely, quinoa, brown rice, and certain types of pasta. Natural fruits and vegetables tend to be this way as well.

The foods that are high tend to be white. White potatoes, breads, rices, flours, and others should be limited or avoided. Replace them with other versions like sweet potatoes versus white potatoes or brown rice versus white rice.

Does this actually help people lose weight?

Typically if someone is eating more natural foods, they will help cut calories which will help them lose weight. Eating these types of foods will help someone’s blood sugar levels not spike as often which will help reduce hunger during the day.

When you eat a fast food meal along with the sugary soda, it will keep you satisfied until your blood sugar crashes. Then you will feel the need to snack regardless if you just have a huge volume of food or not. It’s not so much what lower Glycemic foods do for you as it is how badly high Glycemic foods make you eat during the day.

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