Viral Video Marketing with Aashish Chopra | Latest Marketing Videos


Viral Video Marketing with Aashish Chopra | Latest Marketing Videos

If you make one viral video, you could be a fluke. But if you make 7 of them in 1 year and get 84+ million views on them, you’re nothing short of a viral marketing genius!

Meet Aashish Chopra, who heads the Content team at ixigo and makes stuff go viral for a living.

In this exciting session with LeadSquared, he reveals to us all the tricks & secrets he’s learnt as a viral content marketer!

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Cloverfield Viral Marketing Short #12

Clip 08 of 12 Viral Marketing shorts developed and produced by Paul Wilkinson for Paramount Pictures Australia. Footage and actors provided by Onion Media.
Video Rating:5


  1. Aashish this is totally cool. Well thought out videos – they deserve to go viral! Thanks for sharing this Powerpoint. I appreciate you sharing your skills and best of all – that optimistic attitude!

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