Making of Swissbrand: Spring- Summer 2015 Marketing Campaign


Making of Swissbrand: Spring- Summer 2015 Marketing Campaign

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FX Reel - Disney Infinity 3.0:  Christmas 2015 Marketing Campaign

As the Senior FX Artist and POC for Marketing and Cinematic effects, I created all of the effects for the 2015 Christmas Marketing Campaign. The rule of thumb at Avalanche was “If it moves and it’s not a character, it’s an effect”; everything that’s magical, sparkles, twinkles, snows, skates, shatters, explodes, or merely poofs – you name it – is my work.

0:02 “Tink’s Tree” (Ending clip for all Christmas Pieces) – All FX: Tinkerbell’s Dust and Magic, Environments, Wreath and Tree effects, etc, “everything that moves that isn’t a character”
0:04 “Anger’s Tree” (“Home for the Holidays”) – All FX including animated skin swaps (Anger’s reddening and emissive on top of head, and later iced over head) decals/shaders for ice shattering, footprints, and interaction with the environment, plus Anger’s “Dentures” for his crooked teeth when he screams. The original pass called for the entire tree igniting, which was hilarious, but the call came that we didn’t want to upset children by setting Christmas trees on fire, so reduced in scale, fairly dramatically.
0:16 “Naughty Rocket” (“Tis Better to Give than to Receive”) – All FX, including decals, footprints and environment interactions, same thing, “everything that moves that isn’t a character”
0:28 “Olaf Skate” (“Ice Rink Insanity”) – All FX. The “Zamboni Effect” where Olaf makes contact with the ice and “cleans” the skate lines and powder was an interesting use of a limitation of our engine of which I am proud. Alpha would not render behind refraction, so as Olaf is skating, he leaves a trail of refraction behind him which “erases” the skating lines (ribbons) and powder (decals) as he goes, revealing the reflective ice beneath. Working within the constraints of an engine, and using it to your advantage, worked great here!
0:37 “Tinks Tree” Reprise.
Video Rating:5


  1. Amazing Marketing video. Disney Infinity you had some great treasures here, yet to be discovered

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