An Overlooked Way of Improving Your Ezine Ads


When it comes to ezine ads, it’s easy to notice that almost all advertisers focus their attention exclusively on the text of the advertisement. It’s not bad at all to focus on the wording. Great headlines and calls to action are essential for the success of your ezine advertising campaign. However, is that all?

One of the major inconveniences that an advertiser faces when it comes to top sponsor ads or ezine classified ads is the very limited length of the ad copy. There are only a few lines (or a maximum number of words plus a link – it depends on publisher’s guidelines) where the advertiser is supposed to include a lot of things such as the headline, the benefits, the call to action & the link to advertiser’s web page.

I have good news for you: there is an overlooked way of extending the number of words or keywords used in your ezine ad, without breaking the publisher’s guidelines. Your own link is your secret helper…

In most of the cases, the links from the ads have such forms:

* tinyurl dot com slash dyj2ma
* domainname dot com slash feza

What is the image created in reader’s mind by the first type of link? None – “dyj2ma” doesn’t mean anything … That link is just a link and that’s all. What about “feza” from the second type of link? In many cases it’s an acronym only the advertiser knows (in this case, “feza” comes from “free ezine articles”), but the effect on reader is the same: that is just a link.

Here is the simple solution to improve the reader’s view: instead of meaningless series of letters or acronyms that only you know what mean, customize properly the link and use keywords. In this way, your link is not only a link but it also communicates a message to the reader: “domainname dot com FreeEzineArticles”.

I recommend you to use this method also for online classified ads and forum signatures, but also for solo ads (even if the very limited length is not a problem in the case of this type of ads). The more things a tool does, the better it is.

To Your Success, Whatever You Do!
Adrian Jock

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