SUCCESSFUL RADIO ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS Radio advertising expert Dan O’Day, the world’s highest paid freelance radio commercial copywriter, takes you behind the scenes for an unprecedented look at a hugely successful ad campaign, from conception to results.

Welcome to “Behind the Radio Copywriting Curtain.”

I’m going to show you as many facets as I can of a radio commercial campaign I in which I recently was involved.

When this radio advertising client came along and this series of events occurred, I realized it might be an interesting case study for copywriters.

We’re going to look at how a campaign was begun from scratch, how it began, what happened before it began, how it was researched.

I’m going to share with you an extensive list of questions that I asked the advertiser before I could get a sense of what the ad campaign should be about. If you take nothing else away from this, I hope you’ll lave thinking, “Boy, that was a lot of questions he asked the client”

If there’s any key to whatever success I’ve had as a radio copywriter, probably it’s due to the fact that I just keep asking questions until I understand the product or service that’s being advertised.

I’ll pull back the curtain to share with you a detailed look at the commercial script editing process.

I’m going to tell you how the client reacted, how I reacted to the client’s reaction, what I did to convince the client to listen to me, and the new method that I first used when this advertiser came back and asked me to do another radio campaign for them. This is a method that now I cannot imagine ever not using whenever I start any new project at all — not just advertising copywriting.

Now with any new project I start, I use a completely different method. It involves a piece of software. If you like the idea, I’ll tell you where to get this terrific, time-saving, idea-generating software for free.

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