How Glycemic Index Affects Your Weight Loss


Our bodies feel really drained and weak whenever we experience a dip in our blood sugar levels. This is what is known as a sugar crash.

The glycemic index is a way to rank foods according to the effect that they have on a person’s blood glucose levels; especially in regards to carbohydrates. Foods that are high in fat or protein don’t cause your blood glucose level to rise much. It measures how much a 50-gram portion of carbohydrates raises the blood-sugar levels compares with a control; either white bread or pure glucose.

The reactionary increase in a person’s blood sugar is known as the glycemic response. There are many factors that affect this, including the type of food that is eaten as well as its preparation technique.

The glycemic response is what you call the momentary increase in the level of a person’s blood sugar as an effect of eating carbohydrates. Various carbs however produce different effects on these levels, depending on how they are prepared and the kind of carbs consumed.

Because of the way insulin is supplied in a gradual manner when eating low GI foods, you will notice that you do not get hungry as fast as when you eat high GI foods. This is what makes people shed pounds when they have a low GI diet.

GI is a measure of the effects it has on the blood sugar and not to the amount of food eaten. Ultimately, the response is the same regardless of how much of the particular food you eat.

Researchers assumed in the 1980?s that the human body absorbed and digested simple sugars quickly, producing rapid increases in blood glucose level leading to the assumption to avoid sugar. But now scientists understand that simple sugars don’t cause the blood glucose to rise any more rapidly then some complex carbohydrates do. But, simple sugars are still empty calories and should still be minimized. With regular exercise, little saturated or trans fat, and a high-fiber diet the glycemic index helps keep the average person at a healthy weight.

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