Google AdWords Tips – How to Tweak Your Campaigns For Maximum Profits


When it comes to Google AdWords, simply by doing a few minor tweaks, you can end up with more profits in your pocket. In fact, I am about to show you a few simple tips on how you can tweak your campaigns for maximum profits.

Quality Score

Your quality score must be very good, right from the start, if not you will need to pay a higher cost per click which will surely eat into your profits. Just make sure that your keywords, ads & landing pages all match & your quality score will be really good.

Impressions & Clicks

If you get little or zero impressions after 7 days, delete those keywords. Take note that some keywords are seasonal & you might just be using them at the wrong time. Words related to valentine day gifts, Christmas presents & such.

If you have some impressions & you get little or no clicks after 3 days, very likely your ad copy is not good enough. You might need to go back to market research to find out what they really want so that you can give it to them.

If you have some impressions & some clicks but no leads or sales, very likely you need to update your landing page. Either your landing page copy is not clear or offer does not appeal to them. Maybe the layout of your website is too difficult to navigate.

Maximum Exposure

You must make sure that your ads always show up on the first page in order for you to get maximum exposure. Within your campaign settings, enable position preference then you set your keywords at position 1 – 8, in this way you will only show up on the first page.

When you are in a very competitive market, adjust your bid price until you are showing up at position 4 – 8. You will get less clicks, however, these clicks are higher in quality & will often give you a better return for your money.

Once you are sure of your conversion rates, you can consider adjusting your bid price to go for higher ad position. The return in terms of percentage might be slightly lower, however, the amount of profits you get to keep will be higher.


This are simple tips which you can easily implement in your campaigns. Do it now & start maximizing your profits.

Samuel Ng makes a very comfortable income online with search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, membership sites & more. On top of all that, he is always sharing unique & practical tips to help you make more money with search engine marketing, affiliate marketing & membership sites.