Guerrilla Marketing – Coca-Cola Dancing Vending Machine


Guerrilla Marketing - Coca-Cola Dancing Vending Machine

Coca-Cola company has done it again. We’ve all seen the famous ‘Happiness Vending Machine’ where students were awarded free Coke with an added twist. This unique vending machine not only dispensed Coke, but also random gifts such as pizza and games!

Their new vending machine in South Korea has people dancing for a chance to win a free coke. The machine is powered by Xbox Kinect and encourages people to impersonate and dace with Korean boy band, 2PM. The better the person dances, the more bottles of Coke they are rewarded with.

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  1. Great example of a good guerilla marketing campaign! But I don't know if it would work in all countries due to culture etc.

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  3. lol dancing with 2PM~!! I see some cute girls ~ ~ break-dancing wasn't needed to get your coke fix lol.. show offs 😛

  4. Is it only me that thinks the camera man's very naughty because of all the people who danced, only in 1:02 I saw a top view. Hmmmm, Why is that? LOL

  5. Poderiam ter colocado uma musica mais legal na máquina né não??!! Rsrsrs… Muito fraquinha essa aí… Não me faria nem bater o pé no chão, quem dirá sair saltitando por aí, hehehe…

  6. they keep covering their filthy faces and no one talks about paramilitarism in Colombia!! fools fall for glitter,,,!!!

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